Safety Helmet

Safety Helmet family now includes a full-brim version. The product extension features the same design as the original cap-style safety helmet, with a wraparound brim to provide 360-degree sun and rain protection for workers in the field. A vented version allows heat buildup to escape through the vents in the shell. For anyone working around electrical safety risks, the unvented Serpent is an ideal Class E head protection solution.

In All  industries, legal and institutional safety management improvements are continually being pursued. However, there was a 4.5% increase in the number of workers’ deaths at construction sites in 2017 compared to the previous year. Failure to wear safety helmets seems to be one of the major causes of the increase in accidents, and so it is necessary to develop technology to monitor whether or not safety helmets are being used. However, the approaches employed in existing technical studies on this issue have mainly involved the use of chinstrap sensors and have been limited to the problem of whether or not safety helmets are being worn. 

Meanwhile, improper wearing, such as when the chinstrap and harness fixing of the safety helmet are not properly tightened, has not been monitored. To remedy this shortcoming, a sensing safety helmet with a three-axis accelerometer sensor attached was developed in this study. 

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